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As the name indicates, specializes in “charm jewelry” - charms, pendants, bracelets and necklaces depicting themes and subjects near-and-dear to people’s hearts. opened its doors to the online consumer in the summer of 2000 and continues to this day its quest to offer the largest selection of 14K gold charm jewelry at the lowest possible price. The latest product offerings now include Sterling Silver charms, pendants and bracelets, as well as 14K white and yellow gold diamond jewelry.

Charm Jewelry - 14K gold charms, pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings - animals, sports, zodiacs, engravable discs 14k Gold Card Gambling Lucky charms pendants 14K Gold Horse Charms Pendants 14K Gold Musical Instruments Saxophone Charms Pendants 14K Gold US Flag Patriotic Charms Pendants 14K Gold Military Marine Corps Charms Pendants 14K Gold Cups Mugs Charms Pendants 14K Gold Beach Related Flip Flops Charms Pendants 14K Gold Sports Soccer Charms Pendants 14K Gold Zodiac Aries Charms Pendants Sterling Silver Enameled Bracelet Charms Sterling Silver Gambling Charms 14k White Gold Necklaces with Diamonds

Charm Jewelry specializes in solid 14K gold jewelry. This means that your purchase is not only an object of elegance and beauty, it is an investment into the finest precious metal money can buy. Gold offers durability, a warm golden hue, and that unmistakably scintillating look. The gold merchandise you are buying from our site is guaranteed solid 14K gold and nothing less - at truly remarkable, bargain "internet" pricing.

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Sterling Silver Charms

Our Gold Charms/Pendants: We stock thousands of solid 14k gold bracelet charms and pendants in a multitude of styles and sizes. Many of the items are available in a 3-dimensional design (shown as 3D), while others are available either in a concave-back or flat designs (commonly used as necklace pendants). The design and detail are exceptional in all cases. Finishing styles vary depending on the product. Some items come in a matt, sand-blasted finish. Others have a shiny, high-polished look. Yet others offer colorful hand-enameling for a vibrant, realistic-looking product. Our local master jewelry artisans are relentless in their pursuit for creativity and taste.

Our Gold Bracelets: Charm Jewelry stocks hundreds of styles of 14K gold thematic bracelets, decorative bracelets, link bracelets, rolo bracelets, San Marco bracelets, charm bracelets, and much more - all manufactured with the highest quality standards. Whether you are passionate about horses, dolphins, sports, Christmas, or simply need a solid gold gift displaying nothing less than pure elegance - we've got the gold bracelet for the occasion.

Charm Jewelry - 14K gold and Sterling silver charms, pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings - animals, sports, zodiacs, engravable discs Sterling Silver 3d Charms Sterling silver 3d charms Sterling Silver 3d Charms Sterling Silver 3d Charms Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

Want to honor someone, celebrate an occasion, add to your collectibles or simply sport your passion everywhere you go? That is where can help. Pick a charm-bracelet and browse through our encyclopedia of subjects and themes to come up with your very own unique 14K gold charm bracelet. You will sure be admired for your taste and selection. Our gold charms make an excellent gift for that special someone, a great souvenir of a memorable trip, or maybe a memento of a certain proud day in your life! Our products are of the highest quality, manufactured proudly here in the United States.

The Revival of Gold Charm Bracelets

We often wonder why the charm-bracelet is one of the most popular and fun pieces of jewelry women love to wear. Is it because charm-bracelets are fashionable, attractive, trendy and simply just fun? The answer is yes to all of the above. However, there is an added feature to a charm-bracelet that no other form of jewelry possesses. That feature is the unique quality of storytelling - stories that are near and dear to each wearer's heart. They are stories that bring up fond memories, put a smile on our faces, start a conversation or simply remind us of the beauty of life.

Charms and pendants have been worn since prehistoric times. From ancient Egypt, to the Roman Empire, to Medieval times, charms have been worn as symbols of faith and luck, identification of self and religion, reminders of law and culture, protection in battles and much more.

When Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets, it started a fashion trend in Europe, among noble classes. In the 1950s and 60s, teenagers in the United States developed a habit of collecting charms as records of various events in their lives. Although the demand for charms waned in the following few decades, a new resurgence of popularity has sure resurfaced in the 21st century.

Just a few Testimonials...

I have received my ordered item. Thank you for your generous upgrade. The charm I ordered is lovely and I know my daughter will enjoy wearing it. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.
Csilla B

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to my order and e-mails. I received the screwdriver charm this morning and couldn't be happier. I appreciate all you did to get this to me so quickly. My gift is all set for the party on Saturday, with days to spare. You can be sure I'll be back for future purchases. It's been a pleasure.
Thanks again,

I just wanted to say thanks for the charms I bought. Not only were the charms and bracelet top quality and just what I wanted, the service was amazing! I’ll be shopping here again!
Janice B.


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